Dumbbells Only Advanced 4 Day Split


Dumbbells Only Advanced 4 Day Split made to help you gain lean muscle and sculpt a fit athletic look.

This 4 day workout program is split into muscle groups strategically placing the right exercises with a forumla of sets of reps specific to sculpting a strong lean body. 

This maximum hypertrophy workout is designed to increase the body's storage of energy within the muscles. This is a 4 day split meaning you will be working one to two major muscle groups each workout. Try to complete the exercises in the order they are listed whenever possible. Each split day should be done 1-2 times per week. Remember to focus on form, intensity, and progression

You will get  pdf workout cards to print and track your training, with full demo pics as well as exercise keys with the description and pictures of how to do the exercise and showing the muscle groups it hits.